A New Headquarters... A New Commander... A New Era...

For decades the Gamma Quadrant has been subject to conflict. Whether it was from forces foreign or domestic, the Starfleet presence has always been one foot in the grave. All this is changing, with exploration once again at the forefront of Starfleet's thoughts and expansion authorized. Old enemies are turning into new friends and other enemies weakened to the point of being harmless. Starfleet can once again continue on its mission to go where no person has gone before and discover the undiscovered.

The Gamma Quadrant is wide open but not all discoveries may be equally friendly. What will we find? How will we deal with demons of the past? How will we maintain order in a chaotic quadrant? You can help us discover relevant answers to all these valid questions by enlisting with us today.

Task Force Headquarters

Deep Space 11 is the collective name of a series of facilities on and in orbit of New Bajor as well as inside the system. These include Gamma Command (formally known as The Compound) as the Starfleet command facilities on the surface, Deep Space 11 to defend New Bajor and serve as the orbital command segment of Task Force 9 and the Ha'dara Fleet Yards which together with the Idran Fleet Yards are the primary production facilities of starships in the Gamma Quadrant.

Latest News Items

» Update time!

Posted on Thu Aug 9th, 2018 @ 2:41pm by Commodore Nilani Azulas in Sim Announcement

There has been tonnes of development on the site and for the sim in the last week and the change over of command on Nogura wont be much longer if posts start churning out as suspected. So, I wanted to fill you in on some updates!

Sim Activation Date
Ideally, I plan for the change over of command to be completed by the end of August and before I go back to work. If it can be done sooner, it will but it will have to work for both us and the TF as a whole. There are still finer details to be put in place before the sim goes into full recruitment mode and is released to the wider public. As soon as I am ready to make the sim public, and therefore active, you'll know! If you do know anyone looking for a sim, please send them this way despite the fact that we are not yet officially active.

DS11 Class Design
Alex and I are still in discussion over the class of the new DS11, but that shouldn't stop you writing in the early stages. As soon as we have a definitive answer, you'll be told via discord and you'll see developments on the website.

Character Backstories
It is time to decide how your characters have come about being assigned to the station. Are they currently based at a facility on New Bajor whilst they wait to be given permission to board DS11 following its construction? Do they work at Gamma Command and want a change of pace? Are they involved in reconstruction efforts on the surface, or at the Field Hospital? Are they recruited by Azulas from Nogura? Do they visit from another ship and choose to stay? Were they part of the initial construction team? There are lots of ways to get started, so choose the best one for you. I can confirm at this stage that the three ships to be in the immediate area of DS11 at the time of kickoff will be the Nogura, Thesis (Intrepid) and the Ushiro (Defiant-class support ship) will arrive a few days later. DS11 will receive crew from both Nogura and Thesis so both of these are real options. Everyone aboard the Ushiro will join the crew too.

Website Design
In the coming days there will be a new skin available. We will be ensuring that we have both dark and light skins available and I'll be working on a mobile friendly skin too.

Timeline Mod Installed
Over the next few days, Alexander will be installing a timeline modification that will see posts listed in the actual order they should be timeline wise rather than the order in which they are actually posted. Due to this, there will be no need for backposts of any variety if we fill in the timeline section of posts correctly.

As such, it should be noted herein that Deep Space 11's first day as an actual sim (and the day that Commodore Azulas is offered and assumes command) will use the following in the timeline section of posts: MD110, 0900 Hours

I'll be introducing a thread nearer the time of sim activation that will help us to keep track of posts in the early stages, but if you are already writing initial posts (that I know some of you are) then please use the correct timeline, whether it is before or on MD110.

Website Modifications
I have overhauled the manifest and there are soon to be additions centred around the civilian government running New Bajor. You'll be able to add NPC's to the government and on the planet so long as you discuss them with the CO/XO first.

I am changing a number of links on the site to be directed to a database that we will share with the Nogura. Some pages are still a work in progress, so please be patient. If you think of anything to be added to the database, let me know. I will be asking for input over the coming days as I work on the database more. I have also added detailed information about the planet and the government we will serve. Hope you enjoy!

TF Command Members
You'll see on the manifest we have TF Command personnel listed. It is my intention to get all CO's registered here as the site will still play home to canon developments and will, obviously, be Headquarters for the Task Force. Please ensure you contact any of them before including any in posts.

If you are a TF member on the site and are reading this, I recommend you change your preferences if you don't want to receive announcements, news and posts from the sim. I still encourage you to be here and take part where possible though! You and your crews will be most welcome at anytime!

That's it for now folks, keep tuning in for developments! As always, I am available via discord for conversation and brain storming.

Latest Mission Posts

» Deus ex Broken Lift

Mission: War is Only Half the Story...
Posted on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 1:05am by Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson

Andy was dead tired. She was coming off yet another all-nighter shift to get the last of the gremlins out of the station, when she laid down atop a collection of crates in the cargo bay and closed her eyes. Her watch was set to wake her in a couple…

» A credit for your thoughts?

Mission: War is Only Half the Story...
Posted on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 12:58am by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson & Commodore Merith

The journey from Trill to the wormhole had taken the starship Tecumseh almost a week, the conference on the planet having been a resounding success and the many delegates keen to return to their normal lives and responsibilities. Everyone except Admiral Hanson, who was more than a little reluctant to…

» Family Dinner

Mission: War is Only Half the Story...
Posted on Thu Aug 30th, 2018 @ 4:55pm by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson & Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Civilian Jonathan 'JP' Hanson

JP cheered with excitement as fire leapt from the pan in Andy's hand, very nearly singeing some of the ex-Borg's curly red hair! But Andy maintained control of the situation and avoided a fire hazard, turning the steaks in the pan and smiling at how the steaks were seared to…

» Nighttime Woes - con't

Mission: War is Only Half the Story...
Posted on Thu Aug 30th, 2018 @ 9:02pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter & Civilian Maran Vit

"We don't have a space for you as yet, Maran," the man said without looking up from his PADD, "so you might have to continue using the Temple for the time being."

"One, please look at me when you're speaking to me, or it sounds like you're mumbling. Two, I…

» Construction Problems

Mission: War is Only Half the Story...
Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 @ 9:38pm by Commodore Nilani Azulas & Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter

"What the hell..." Andy murmured as she stood over the main display in the middle of the Operations Center. The main reactor had been fluctuating mildly since Andy had boarded, and while it was nothing serious, they couldn't deem the station completed until they figured out what was causing the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Nightmares

Posted on Fri Aug 17th, 2018 @ 6:06pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Andrea Carter

I've been having that dream again...

It's the day I had JP; honestly, I was so out of it, I don't really remember much, but I do remember that I never got to see him, just caught a glimpse of him as the nurses took him away to the neonatal…